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Our registered nurse will evaluate your health in order to create a personalized care plan.

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Providing quality, affordable health care at home with your insurance reimbursements!

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Welcome to
Mirehab P.C

Mirehab P.C. and its team of dedicated and experienced nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech therapists will be glad to serve you with our premium health services.

We continue providing quality, compassionate care for you by ensuring that every patient is given a personalized treatment plan. It is clear to us that there are no two patients that are alike, that is why we integrate a case-to-case method of assessment to create tailor-fitted care.

Mirehab P.C. recognizes the increasing need for quality health care, and it is our pride to expand and widen our range of services for the welfare of our patients. We provide home health care services as well as services to hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and outpatient clinics. Every patient entrusted to us is given the unparalleled and professional health care, and our staff takes full responsibility in the appropriate implementation of the care plan to ensure the delivery of a positive result. Mirehab P.C. wants you to receive what is right for your patients, and that is the complete care that we offer.

  • Give us a call at 734-261-0558 or send us a message online. We would like to get to know you better and also to evaluate your health care needs.
  • We welcome your input and we value your feedback. This is our way of ensuring that your expectations are met. Please let us know how we can assist you.

Please call our staff for assistance 734-261-0558. We can also be reached via our online contact form.

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Please rate our staff and services at Mirehab P.C. Your suggestions mean so much to us.

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